Sleighin' It Since 2018

Elf Antics was started in 2018 by my daughter Abby and I. She was looking to earn a little money to help pay for part of her 8th grade trip to Washington DC. We came up with this idea, and she set a goal of making and selling 10 kits.  We got to work by putting together some ideas, a budget, and off we went.  We sold out of our first kits in just one day. We had so many more requests that we decided to make five more, and then another five, and then another five.  When it was all said and done, we ended up making 35 kits in our first year.

We both were blown away by the sweet messages we received that first year, and all the requests to do it again the next year. We realized we had created something that families really enjoyed, so we decided to make kits again the following year.  

We sat down and came up with 25 new ideas and a goal of selling 100 kits. I worked on the design, and Abby worked on making and bagging the kits over her summer break. This little elf thing was a great way for the two of us to spend time together, all while learning the 'ins and outs' of running a business. 

So here we are 5 years later, and this idea to earn a little money for her 8th grade trip has turned into a full time business.  Abby is now a senior in high school and has asked to take a step back from 'elfin' full time to pursue other hobbies, including tinkering with old cars. She is a straight A student, taking a full load of CCP college courses, all while having a part time job as a Lube Tech. We are looking at colleges and she wanting to work in the field of agricultural hydroponics research. She may have taken a backseat to this little elf business this year, but she has given me the keys to keep it going. 

I have been a stay at home mom of three for the past 21 years, and my babies are almost out of the nest. Abby has helped me find my purpose of helping other parents alleviate holiday stress by making those magical memories, all while not sacrificing my own family's memories. It is cliche to say, but boy does it go by so fast! It feels like yesterday, my three were toddlers, and today they are incredible young adults. 

I am now looking to turn this mother daughter team of Abby and I, into another mother daughter duo by working with my mom. My mom is where I get my creative gifts from. As she is aging and her memory is fading, I am looking forward to spending more time with her. 

I am not sure Abby understands how she has helped so many parents over the years make the holidays a little less stressful and more magical.  Maybe one day she will look back when she has kids of her own, and will be able to appreciate the gift she gave to families all those years ago. 

A piece of advice from a mom of three young adults to all those parents that are in the thick of it, give yourself permission to slow down a little, let others help you, and soak in the memories. Let us help bring the magic back to the elf tradition, and take a little load off your plate. No worries, Elf Season just got Easier!